Quality Management Unit was established a few years back at Teaching Hospital Kandy with the aim of enhancing patient safety and providing high quality patient care services to the patients through implementation and evaluation of recommended healthcare quality & safety initiatives across all units of the institution. We are committed to create and sustain a culture where quality is embedded from the grass-root level.

What We Do



The unit coordinates the quality assurance and client safety program through following functions.

  • Promote employee participation in management of quality by establishing Work Improvement Teams (WIT)
  • Conduct training of Work Improvement Teams
  • Maintain a database in staff training and conduct a planned In-service Training Programme
  • Conduct programs and workshops on quality improvement and patient safety
  • Initiate a quality culture in health institutions by introducing 5S concepts leading towards Total Quality Improvement
  • Assist in preparing strategic plans for the institutions with focus on reduction of waiting times, instituting a smooth patient flow, infection control and waste disposal
  • Implementation of standards, guidelines and protocols relevant to customer/ patient care
  • Maintain a computer based data system by collecting and analyzing data related to quality improvement of services
  • Promote an environment friendly healthcare institution
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys, and employee satisfaction surveys, maintain and take corrective action for public complaints
  • Encourage suggestion scheme in healthcare institutions.
  • Facilitate assessment and improvement of performance through regular monitoring of the programme using quality measurement indicators
    Conduction of appraisal system

Medical Officers :02
Health Assistants :01


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Milestone / Special Events



Year 2018

  • Conduction of Health Excellence Award Ceremony with the help of other units to recognize and reward the staff for their valuable contributions, dedication, and commitment towards delivering high quality healthcare.
  Health excellence award 2018

Future Goals

  • Creation of electronic incident reporting system and feedback system
  • External benchmarking
  • Strengthening of Internal quality auditing system

Future Goals



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