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The Department of Physiotherapy helps patients affected by injury, illness or disability through movement & exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. The main aim of the department is to restore and maintain the mobility of the patients of all ages and manage pain to provide them with better quality of life.

Apart from therapeutic services the Department conducts workshops and lectures for Physiotherapists, schools and hospital staff and provides clinical practice to local and foreign university students.

The Department of Physiotherapy was established in 1957 and founded by Physiotherapists Mr. and Mrs. Makulolowa. It currently functions with 34 Physiotherapists and 7 Health Assistants.





Gynaecology Unit A

Year 2016 2016 2016 2017
1st Visit 6582 6870 12823 14189
2nd Visit 33414 34212 50457 38615
Total 39996 41082 63280 52804



Founder Physiotherapists
Mr & Mrs Makuloluwa

WD XX-Male/Female (Beds XX)

Chief Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists 34
Health Assistants 7

Milestones / Special Events


Future Goals



  • Capacity building of staff
  • Outreach services


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