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The Lab offers 24 hours service performing diagnostic Bacteriology and Mycology investigations from the samples received from both in-patients and clinics in Teaching Hospital Kandy and also from several outreach health centers in central province.



The Bacteriology Section

  • Isolates and identifies clinically significant microorganisms from clinical specimens such as blood, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, other body fluids and urine and performs antimicrobial susceptibility testing on these bacterial pathogens. These functions are performed with the Vitek-2 automated instrument.
  • Additional reference identification and susceptibility testing methods for other, more fastidious bacterial agents are also available.
  • Performs blood cultures using the Bactec system, which provides continuous monitoring of blood cultures for the entire 5-day incubation period.

The Mycology Section

  • Performs identification and anti-fungal susceptibility testing on clinically significant yeast isolates.
  • Provides identification of pathogenic moulds recovered from clinical specimens, including dermatophytes, moulds causing wound and systemic infections, and systemic mycotic agents such as Histoplamsa capsulatum and Blastomyces dermatiditis.


  • Performs Procalcitonin using Mini-vidas for selected patients with sepsis.





Microbiology Lab

Year  2017  2016  2015
Urine  Cultures  24355  24155  21560
Sputum Cultures  4194  3192  3384
Blood Cultures  18927  19511  20116
CSF/Fluid Cultures  3173  3046  3337
Pus Cultures  9829  11056  9130
Direct Smear  47525  42950  30415
CSF/Fluid Full Report  3293  2922  3454
Leprosy  74  54  60
Fungal Cultures  3224  2754  3293
MRSA  5346  5126  5054



Microbiology Lab

Extension: 2275
Location Room No. 13

 Dr. M. Kotalawala
 MBBS, Dip(Micro), MD(MED-Micro),MPH

Medical Officers  04
MLTs  09
Lab Orderly  06

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