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The department of Haematology provides comprehensive range of laboratory and clinical services. It serves the patients of teaching hospital Kandy as well as the patients from the surrounding hospitals and adjacent provinces. Haematology laboratory also provides services for the National Thalassaemia Screening program of the Central Province

Laboratory Services

Haematology laboratory provides services for the National Thalassaemia Screening program for the central province. The service provides by the laboratory covers a wide range of tests which are performed with fully automated equipment.

The laboratory is capable of processing routine hematological investigations such as FBC, PT & INR, APTT, and ESR with high degree of accuracy and within minimum turnaround time.
In addition, it offers the diagnosis of coagulation disorders, anaemia, haemoglobinopathies, haemolytic anaemia and thrombophilia.

The laboratory is also equipped with a new generation flow cytometry machine which enables the diagnosis of acute/chronic leukaemia, lymphoma. In order to maintain high standards of analysis our hematology department regularly participates internal and national external quality assurance programme.

Clinical Services

Patients from the outpatient department, clinics, and ward of teaching hospital Kandy and other outside hospitals are referred to our clinic for specialized haematological assessments and management.

The clinics run from Monday to Friday in the morning session which are conducted by two consultant haematologists.
The ward consist of 20 beds with trained staff which particularly focus on management of congenital bleeding discords such as haemophilia, thrombotic events, bone marrow failure syndrome and haematological malignancy.

Management of clinics and inward patients are under the preview of two consultant haematologists separately as unit A and B.
Further, a development program me is already underway for the improvement of the haematology department of Teaching hospital Kandy to provide an enhanced quality service to a larger segment of patients.

Establishing Haematology Unit B was started in June 2016 and is still under way..




Hematology Lab

Year 2017 2016 2015
FBC 150997 147997 56301
Hb 2471 1601 4873
Blood picture 21972 22256 22568
Retic count 1258 1397 1232
PCV 35 27 49
ESR 22173 22523 11651
PT 57259 64673 45561
APTT 8863 7259 7435
TT 7 19 43
Fibrinogen assay 76 24 18
D dimer 6 2 -
Bleeding time 3113 3979 5689
Special Coagulation Tests      
Mixing study with normal plasma 17 20 26
Mixing study with factor vii deficient plasma 4 6 5
Mixing study with factor viii deficient plasma 4 6 5
Mixing study with factor ix deficient plasma 4 6 5
Mixing study with factor x deficient plasma 4 6 5
Mixing study with factor xi deficient plasma 4 6 6
Mixing study with factor xii deficient plasma 4 6 6
Factor assay 4 10  
Inhibitory Screening 04 12 09
Urea clot solubility test 14 12 07
Hemolytic Investigations      
Osmotic fragility test 18 16 20
G6PDScreening test 141 150 170
Kleihauer test 1 3 2
Heinz bodies 4 5 6
Hb H inclusions 7 5 15
HAMS test 99 85 75
HPLC/Capill.Hb Electrophoresis 1008 861 1037
Urine haemosiderine test 112 100 76
Donath Landsteiner test 7 01 01
Flowcytometry analysis      
Acute leukaemia panel 20 - -
Chronic lymphoproliferative panel 10 - -
Myeloma Panel 1 - -
Thromboelastometry(ROTEM) 61 58 125
Urine Test (Haemosiderin/ Hb) 112 100 76
Methhaemoglobin 1 4 1
Bone marrow biopsy A side 493 647 690
Bone marrow biopsy B side 228 90 -
Thrombophilia Investigations      
Antithrombin 111 97 10 -
Protein C Assay 110 25 10
Protein S assay 112 21 10
Lupus anticoagulant 212 27 44
Factor v leiden mutation 6 - -
HBA1c 1797 3685 2915
S.Protein electrophoresis 949 785 500
Serum protein immunophenotyping 59 84 -
Urine for spectroscopy 8 13 8


Haematology Clinic A

Inward Patient Care - Ward 52

Year 2017 2016 2015 2014
Beds 10 10 20 20
Admissions 1387 1151 1011 781
Bed occupancy ratio 124% 115% 85% 76%
Average length of stay        


Outpatient Care

Location – Second Floor of OPD building (Room No.22)
Extension : 2251

Year 2017 2016 2015 2014
Clinic Visits (Total) 7227 7838 8342 8369
First Clinic Visit 569 5911 586 590
Average number of patient per clinic 50 54 58 58




Haematology Clinic B

Haematology clinic (B) was established in room 12 of the ground floor of medical complex building in July 2018.
The clinic started fully functioning with a permanent nursing officer from January 2019.

Inward Patient Care - Ward 52

Year 2017 2016 2015 2014
Beds 10 10    
Admissions 148 28    
Bed occupancy ratio 80% 70%    
Average length of stay        


Investigations done at Hematology lab

Year Test Tube Special Preparations and Instructions
General Haematology ESR Citrated (1.6:0.4)  
Full blood count EDTA (2ml/1ml/750µl)  
Reticulocyte count EDTA  
Blood picture EDTA Collect sample before blood transfusion
PT/INR Sodium citrate (1.8:0.2) Collect up to the mark and mix gently to avoid clot formation
APTT Sodium citrate  


Histopathology Lab















Special Haematology































Special Haematology




Special preparations and Instructions


Investigations for bleeders

Thrombin time

Sodium citrate


Fibrinogen level

Sodium citrate



Sodium citrate


Clot solubility test

Sodium citrate















Consultant referral required

Factor correction

Sodium citrate

Mixing studies with specific factor deficient plasma

Sodium citrate

Inhibitory screening

Sodium citrate



Sodium citrate





Protein C level

Sodium citrate

Stop vitamin K antagonists 2 weeks before



Protein S level

Sodium citrate

Antithrombin III level

Sodium citrate

Activated protein C resistance

Sodium citrate

Lupus anticoagulant

Sodium citrate


Capillary Hb electrophoresis


Collect before blood transfusion

HbH inclusion





Haemolytic anaemia



G6PD deficiency screening (Brewer’s test)


Collect before blood transfusion

Osmotic fragility test

Heparinized tube/EDTA









Consultant referral required

HAM test


Collect before blood transfusion

Group AB or ABO compatible blood as control

Heinz body test



Methaemoglobin level



Donath Landsteiner test

Plain khan tube


Other blood tests

Kleihauer test




Bone marrow biopsy

Bone marrow aspiration



Trephine biopsy


Picric acid


Flowcytometry(peripheral blood /bone marrow aspirate)



Urine tests

Urine for Haemoglobin


Plain tube


Urine for Haemosiderin

Acid washed plain tube

Collect first morning specimen for 3 consecutive days


Weekdays -Samples are accepted from 8.00am to 3.00 pm
Saturday from 8am to 11 am
Sunday & PH 8.00 am to 2.00pm


Hematology Lab

Extension : 2278
Location Top Floor of OPD building


 Unit A:
 Dr. (Mrs.) B. M. S. B. Athauda
 MBBS, D.Path., MD


 Unit B:
 Dr. (Mrs.) V. C. P. Gunawardana
 MBBS, MD, MRCP/Haem Diploma UK
 ISO assessor in Haematology/SLAB

PG Trainees 7 Both units
Medical Officers Unit A: 04
Unit B: 04
MLTs 12

Milestones / Special Events

  • Flow cytometry machine was installed in 2017

Future Goals



  • Establishment of cytogenetics& Molecular Lab.


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