A Lactation Management Centre (LMC) was established in July 2006 at General Hospital, Kandy to handle problems with breast feeding in neonates and young infants. Prior to that, babies with feeding problems needed to be admitted to the special care baby unit (SCBU) even if the problem was a minor one needing few hours of attention.

Common reasons for referrals to LMC.

  • Difficult attachment
  • Feeling of not enough milk flow
  • Inadequate suckling
  • Poor weight gain etc.

Following assessment of above conditions and more LMC can solve most of the issues, like in-correct positioning and attachment, post-partum maternal mental conditions etc. Number of cases handled by LMC unit can be seen in following charts.





Lactation Management Centre

Reason for admission 2017
  1st visit 2nd visit
Incorrect Burping technique 62 0
Jaundice 149 147
Difficult attachment 170 113
Reduced Urine output 139 73
Poor weight gain 242 242
Inadequate suckling 478 371
Feeling of inadequate milk 838 622

Lactation Management Centre



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Milestones / Special Events


Future Goals

  • Capacity building of staff
  • Outreach services


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