The organization of Infection Control in a hospital is very important for successful implementation of an infection control programme . A three tiered organization consisting of an Infection Control Committee (ICC), Infection Control Team (ICT) and Infection Control Practitioners would be one way of establishing a structure for planning, implementation and effective communication.

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The infection control nurse is the key person in infection control work. His/Her main tasks are,
  1. The surveillance of hospital infections
    1. All the details of the cases of Dengue, Leptospirosis, H1N1, HAI, and all the other communicable diseases, documenting them, make statistics on each disease at the end of each month. Inform to the regional epidemiologist and to the epidemiology unit, Colombo on the deaths and special cases as soon as possible).
    2. Daily following of infection control situation in hospital.
  2. The development of hospital infection control policies.
  3. Informing of personnel on infection rates.
  4. Investigation of the outbreaks.
  5. Training of the personnel in infection control.
  6. Working as secretary of the infection control committee.
  7. Vaccinate all health care workers and out patients with Hepatitis B.

Medical Officers :01
Health Assistants :01


2nd floor of the OPD Patients waiting Area (near the “Hela Bojun Hala”)

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Composition of Infection Control Committee

  • Hospital Director
  • Microbiologist
  • Infection Control Medical Officer
  • Infection Control Nurse/s(ICN)
  • One consultant representative from each of the clinical disciplines (Medicine ,Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology etc)
  • Administrative officer for the institution
  • Finance officer for the institution
  • Matron or representative and one senior nursing officer from each of the main section of the hospital.
  • Public Health Inspector(PHI)
  • Occupational Health Nurse(if any)
  • Health Education Staff
  • Overseer
  • Invite any other (e.g..Regional Epidemiologist, Engineer, Pharmacist, Kitchen staff etc) as and when necessary.
  Health excellence award 2018

Future Goals

  • To give an opportunity for all the nurses to attain 6 month infection control diploma course to do their best for the hospital in the future.
  • Reduce health care associated infections by improving infection control practices among all the hospital workers.

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