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The ENT Operating Theatre is located at the left wing of the main building’s 3rd floor of the Kandy Hospital. The Women’s ENT surgical ward (Ward No. 04) is situated right next to it. There are two entrances to the Theatre

  1. Patient’s Entrance
  2. Staff Entrance

There are 3 rooms to the left of the Staff Entrance that facilitate doctors, nurses and the junior staff respectively. And on the right side, there is a single room designated for medical students and trainee nurses.

Patients are admitted through the other entrance, which has a room equipped with public conveniences and can accommodate about 15 patients. A television is installed in the room for patients to mitigate their stress caused by the fear of surgery..

What We Do



The infection control nurse is the key person in infection control work. His/Her main tasks are,
  1. The surveillance of hospital infections
    1. All the details of the cases of Dengue, Leptospirosis, H1N1, HAI, and all the other communicable diseases, documenting them, make statistics on each disease at the end of each month. Inform to the regional epidemiologist and to the epidemiology unit, Colombo on the deaths and special cases as soon as possible).
    2. Daily following of infection control situation in hospital.
  2. The development of hospital infection control policies.
  3. Informing of personnel on infection rates.
  4. Investigation of the outbreaks.
  5. Training of the personnel in infection control.
  6. Working as secretary of the infection control committee.
  7. Vaccinate all health care workers and out patients with Hepatitis B.

Medical Officers :00
Health Assistants :00


3rd floor of the Main Building

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The Operating Theatre Complex Sports

  1. Two fully fledged operating theatres to perform surgeries under General Anesthesia
  2. One operating theatre for surgeries performed with Local Anesthetics
  3. One Endoscopy operating theatre
  • Currently, the ENT Operation Theatre can perform surgeries on 4 patients simultaneously

  • Furthermore, the facility is equipped with a designated room for the Matron in charge, a storage room, a common storage room, surgical equipment sterilization room, an AC room and a waste disposal room

  Health excellence award 2018


  • On March 2015, the ENT Operating Theatre has been shifted to it's new location - 3rd floor of the Hospital's Main Building from it's long established location at 2nd floor.

  • Although the Theatre relocated amidst of numerous inadequacies, it not only was manage to attain the required surgical equipment, but also even the modern specialty equipment such as Laser Machine.

  • Apart from regular surgical equipment, the Operating Theatre has the following equipment at it's disposal by March 2018
    • F.O.L
    • F.O.B.
    • D.L
    • Oesophaguscope
    • Micro Laryngescope
    • Ventilating Bronchoscope
    • R.N.E. (Telescope)
    • Micro Diprider
    • Laser Machine
    • Electric Drill
    • V.G.I.E
  • On May, 2018, The ENT Operating Theatre successfully conducted 2 Cochlear Implant operations on 2 patients simultaneously
  • So far, we have conducted over 4 Cochlear Implant operations
   Health excellence award 2018

Future Goals

 We are proud to say that we won the Health Excellency Award - Silver on 2017. And we hope to go forward and improve more upon our success this year and strive to win the 2018 Health Excellency Gold Award.    


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