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OMF UNIT provides services to deal various aspects of disease and conditions related to  oral cavity, jaws and head and neck  region Here we are adopting latest protocol in surgical and medical science   in dealing with oral malignancy (Oral Cancer), developmental abnormalities such as hair lip and palate and facial abnormalities to enhance the aesthesis and function.

In addition the unit has a main role in assisting surgical management of dento-alveolar pathology. More over this specialty play a main role in managing Facial Trauma which cause damage to the facial soft tissue and jaw bones. Our unit also assist in various specialty to manage their own patient who needs oral care as a part of their management.

Procedures in the Clinic

Procedures in the Clinic


  1. Management of dento-alveolar trauma Such as
    • Suturing of extensive facial lacerations which need specialized management.
    • Splinting of avulsed (loose) teeth.
    • Fixation of fractured alveolar bone (tooth bearing bone).
  2. Removing of buried teeth inside the bone - impacted wisdom, canine and other teeth which are not fully erupted. And transplantation of teeth to close the gaps in dental arch.
  3. Surgical management of Dento Alveolar infection Such as oral and facial abscess a, and tissue space infection.
  4. Laser treatment for oral and facial lesion such as Lichen planus, moles and small vascular lesion.
  5. Biopsy for all kind of oral lesion.
  6. Surgical excision of oral lesion under Local Anesthesia (LA) - (small lump and bumps) such as small soft tissue tumors and hard tissue tumors, growth, cystic lesion, total excision of pre malignant lesion.
  7. Management of Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
    • E.g. - Jaw dislocation, TMJ Pain Dysfunction syndrome, Arthrocentesis, injection of DEPO Preparation and PRP, introduction of bite raising appliances.
  8. Botox injection – Masseter hypertrophy, Hyper-salivation, facial spasm.
  9. Procedures in relation to Salivary gland.
    • E.g. - Removal of calculi, removal of small tumors under LA and other form salivary gland disorders.
  10. Management of facial pain.
    • E.g. - Neuralgic pain, decompression of nerve, sectioning of peripheral nerve to relieve intractable pain.
  11. Certain procedure to improve facial aesthesis.
  12. Management oral ulceration.
  13. Management of medically compromised patients who need Basic Dental procedures Referred from OPD, Cardiology, Nephrology, Hematology and General Medicine etc.
  14. Implants.

Procedures in the Surgical Theater



  • Fixation of fractured Maxilla Mandible (jaw Bones) nasal bone, Zygomatic Bone (check bone), frontal bone (forehead) using Titanium mini plates and Screws.
  • Correction of Orbital Blow out fracture to relieve visual disturbances.
  • TMJ procedures - Rehabilitation of jaw joint by open procedures such as reliving of ankylosed (Fused)    joint to improve function, Shaving off growth centers to arrest hypertrophied and hyperplastic mandible, fixation of fractured Jaw joint.
  • Grafts - Soft (Flaps) and hard tissue (bone) grafts, and Allo-plastic material in reconstruction surgery to improve aesthesis, function and rehabilitation following ablative surgical procedures and tissue loss due to various traumatic injuries.
  • Surgical Management of Oral malignancies (oral Cancer) and other oral Tumors - such as Danto - alveolar, Vascular, Soft and Hard tissue Tumors.
  • Surgical excision of Salivary gland tumors- parotid, sub mandibular salivary Glands (Parotidectomy) and other procedures in related to Salivary Glands pathology - Calculi removal, Ductoplasty.
  • Correction of Cleft lip and Palate, Rhinoplasty – Development Defects.


OMF clinic provide service from 8am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 4 pm on OPD basis, in addition on call services available from 12 noon to 2 pm and after 4 pm till next day 8am for emergency management and admissions.



Dental Unit


 Dr. (Mrs.) W. M. S. D. Abeyrathna

Dental Surgeons 07
Nursing Sisters OMF Clinic - 04
Ward 21    - 11
Ward 22    - 13
Supporting Staff OMF Clinic - 04
Ward 21    - 07
Ward 22    - 07


Clinical Services provided and work schedule

  • Routine clinic on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Minor operation on Thursday and Saturday.
  • Major operation in theater D on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Team   is available for emergency care on demand every day during off hours.
  • Entertain wide range of referral from various specialties, medical and dental OPD.
  • Provincial and Base Hospital and, Peripheral Hospitals.

Our unit closely work with Neuro Surgical, Eye, Orthopedic Plastic, ENT, Vascular, and General Surgical, Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology Pediatric, General Medicine units and departments.

Academic interest     –    Under Graduate and Post Graduate training

Milestones / Special Events

  • 2015 - Expansion of Theater Sessions and shifting to a new Theater Complex
  • 2017 - Opening up a Laser Unit

Future Goals

  • Opening up a residential OMF Surgeon Post.
  • Establishment of a second unit with fully pledged facilities for a second consultant.
  • Expansion of Theater Facilities and other infra-structure requirements for Micro Vascular and Reconstructive Surgery


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